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Board of Directors

 Commodore Tripp Hardy
 Vice Commodore Glenn Martell
 Rear Commodore Richard Servance
 Past Commodore Edwin Hurley
 Fleet Captain Jim Carey
 Secretary Mike Allert
 Treasurer Len Zuvela
 Member at Large William Woodman
 Member at Large Tim Attwell

Appointed Positions

 Membership Directory Edwin Hurley
 Reciprocals Dale Moses
 Sunshine Chair Grayce Hardy
 Newsletter Edwin Hurley

Commodore's Award

The Commodore’s Award goes to a member who, in the Commodore’s judgment has made the greatest long-term contribution to the club.  Members should only receive this award once.  The award will be given at the Commodore’s Ball.


 Vicki Wyant, John and Barbara Bader

 2006 None
 2007 Kathy Felker
 2008 Carrol Walker
 2009 Vicki Wyant
 2010 Ron Barrow
 2011 Rico Ferraioli
 2012 Dale Duffield
 2013 Jim and Peggy Hanson
 2014 Wally Davis
 2015 Rose Duffield
 2016 Steve Slaton
 2017 Karen and Len Zuvela
 2018 Chuck Motson
 2019 Larry and Sue Tughan
 2020 No Award Presented 
 2021 Edwin Hurley

 Chuck Motson 

Cruiser of the Year Award

Awarded annually to encourage active boating among the membership of Navy Yacht Club Everett while promoting club ideals, upholding yachting traditions, and fostering a spirit of fellowship among members. Specific criteria and details on the award points system for Cruiser of the Year are available on the club website ( or from the Fleet Captain.

 2005Al, Charlie and Mary Fox
 2006 Crew of Restless
 2007Rico Ferraioli and Carolyn Michaels
 2008Rico Ferraioli and Carolyn Michaels
 2009Rico Ferraioli and Carolyn Michaels
 2010Dale and Susie Moses
 2011Mike and Shirley Allert
 2012Dale and Rose Duffield
 2013Rico Ferraioli and Carolyn Michaels
 2014Dale and Rose Duffield

Dale and Rose Duffield

Rico Ferraioli and Carolyn Michaels

 2016Mike and Shirley Alert
 2017Rico Ferraioli and Carolyn Michaels
 2018Mike and Shirley Allert
 2019Chuck and Geri Motson 
 2020No Award Presented 
 2021Chuck Motson
 2022 Jim Carey

Pink Flamingo Award

The Pink Flamingo is awarded to the member or members who have over the past one to two years made the greatest contribution to the NYCE.  Nominations for this award are provided by any member to the Vice Commodore who will chair a committee to select the recipient.  The award is then given at the Commodore’s Ball.  The Pink Flamingo normally is not awarded more than once to the same member during a five year period.

 1999 Marilyn Secor and Barb White 
 2000 Pat Dvornick 
 2001 Dan Fry
 2002 Jean Rothrock
 2003 Rose Duffield
 2004 Mary Fox
 2005 Sharilyn Howell
 2006 Lynda Johnsen
 2007 John and Barbara Bader


Rico Ferraioli and Carolyn Michaels

Lori Hogan and John Krevis

 2009Kathy Felker
 2010Peggy Hanson
 2011Walley Davis
 2012Chris Abarta
 2013Jim Frees
 2014Robert Montgomery
 2015Len Zuvela
 2016Dale Moses
 2017Nancy and Dennis Treat
 2018Vickie Roddy
 2019Tennis de Jong
 2020No Awards Presented
 2022 Sue and Larry Tughan

Past Commodores

 1996-1997 Gene Dvornick
 1997-1998 Chip White
 1998-1999 Jack Rothrock
 1999-2000 Athlene Schneider
 2000-2001 Jerry Earl
 2001-2002 Dale Duffield
 2002-2003 Vic Ledoux
 2003-2004 Vic Wyant
 2004-2005 Mary Fox
 2005-2006 Curt Johnson
 2006-2007 Ron Barrow
 2007-2008 John Sipkens
 2008-2009 Wally Davis
 2009-2010 Dale Moses
 2010-2011 Mary Baumeier
 2011-2012 Mike Allert
 2012-2013 Rose Duffield
 2013-2014 Gary Boyer
 2014-2015 Kent Whele
 2015-2016 Phil Gay
 2016-2017 Rich Plumb
 2017-2018 Rico Ferraioli
 2018-2019 Vicki Hofmann
 2019-2020 Michael Kessler
 2020-2021 Michael Kessler
 2021-2022 Edwin Hurley

NYCE Members Holding USCG Masters Licenses

 Name  Tonnage  Waters  Endorsements
 Jim Cushman  Unlimited   Oceans  Radar, ARPA, Crowd and Crisis, GMDSS, Fast Rescue Boat
 Dale Duffield  1600 Not inspected, 5000 inspected  Near Coastal  Towing
 Tony Ford  Unlimited, 50 ton sail  Oceans  Fast Rescue Boat Operator
 Nancy Hardy  100 ton  Near Coastal  Towing, Sailing
 Peter Hardy  100 ton  Near Coastal  Towing, Sailing
 Arnold Hofmann  50 ton  Inland  Towing
 Dale Moses  100 ton  Near Coastal  Towing
 Tom Owens  100 ton  Inland  
 Jack Rothrock  50 ton  Inland  Towing, Sailing

The Navy Yacht Club Everett

The official commissioning date for the Navy Yacht Club Everett was 21 November 1996. NYCE was an outgrowth of the Marina Patrons Advisory Committee which was formed to address issues of boat owners with vessels moored at the Naval Station Everett Marina.

The first meeting of Navy Yacht Club Everett was held on 15 August 1996, with thirteen family memberships. The purpose of this meeting was to establish a club mission (fostering fellowship and safe boating) and to develop operational by-laws. NYCE by-laws were unanimously accepted by the Naval Station Morale Welfare and Recreation (MWR) Advisory board on 16 October 1996 and approved by the base Commanding Officer, Captain Annette Brown, USN on 24 October 1996. The by-laws for Navy Yacht Club Everett and organizational charter became effective at the next general meeting which was held on 21 November 1996.

The elective commissioning officers were: Gene Dvornick, Commodore; George Secor, Vice-Commodore; and Chip White, Rear-Commodore. Members at Large included Athlene Schneider and Alex McKay-Green. Appointive officials included Dale Norris as Historian, John B. Bell as Treasurer and Barb White as Secretary. There were 44 plank owner memberships. Today there are remaining.

  • 0006 Rose and Dale Duffield
  • 0014 Melin and Tony Ford
  • 0021 Jean and Jack Rothrock
  • 0024 Maye and Robert McEliece
  • 0027 Marlou and Andy Murphy

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